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Backyard Remodel Cream Ridge NJ


Replace an existing pool and empty back yard into a complete outdoor entertainment area tying it into an existing deck.

Project Information

Estimated Project Cost (2017): ± $143,000 (not including the pool)

Estimated Project Duration: 1.5 months (Including permit inspections, subcontractors work, and pool removal and installation)

Project Location: Cream Ridge NJ

Completion Date: 09/17/2017

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The Solution

After the installation of the pool we designed and installed a 1085 sq. ft. pool deck with double borders. On the shallow end and rear length of the pool a short retaining wall was put in place to add landscaping beds around the pool and create the feeling of an outdoor living space. We included some pillars for decoration and lighting with 2 of them featuring large fire bowls on the pavilion side of the pool. A custom built 20′ x 16′ pavilion was built on top of a 420 sq. ft. patio area featuring a bar area with MSI natural ledger stone panels and a 42″ steel insert natural gas reclaimed wood fireplace with a TV. We also installed a complete outdoor lighting package and a full landscape design complimenting their outdoor entertainment area. All pavers, wall blocks, caps, and pool coping are from Techo-Bloc. Outdoor lighting comes from Coastal Source and the bar appliances are all Delta Heat products. The two pillars supporting the fire bowls were also built with MSI natural ledger stone panels matching the bar area.

Materials Used: Pool Area

  • 220 sq. ft. of Techo-Bloc Borealis smoked pine wall block.
  • 80  ln. ft. of Piedmonte riviera wall caps.
  • 1085 sq. ft. of Techo-Bloc BLU60 shale gray pavers for the pool deck.
  • 362 ln. ft. of Techo-Bloc Villagio chocolate brown pavers for the inside border.
  • 465 ln. ft. of Techo-Bloc Blue 60 shale gray pavers for the outside border.
  • 132 ln. ft. or Techo-Bloc Piedemonte riviera pool coping.
  • 119 ln. ft. of Techo-Bloc Parisian shale grey pavers for the coping border.
  • 2 – 2′ x 2′ x 3′ pillars by the pool entrance built with Borealis smoked pin block and Piedmonte riviera caps.
  • 2 – 2′ x 2′ x 2′ pillars at the far end of the pool to hold the two large firebowls with MSI ledger stone veneers.

Materials Used: Pavilion Area

  • 20′ x 16′ custom built pavilion with upgraded vinyl ceiling. 
  • 420 sq. ft. Techo-Bloc Borealis hazelnut raised floor with a Techo-Bloc Rocka rock garden brown border/step
  • 25 ft. L shaped bar with MSI natural stone ledger panels with a Delta Heat refrigerator and built in stainless steel storage units.
  • 42″ natural gas vent free fireplace with a recessed area for a TV. Stainless steel fireplace insert with a reclaimed wood exterior.

Materials Used: Landscaping

  • 20 – 24-48″ Wintergem Boxwoods
  • 2 – Boxwood cones
  • 1 – Phantom Hdrangea
  • 3 – 2.5″-3″ caliper Rose of Sharon
  • 1 – Chanticleer Pear, 2.5″-3″ caliper
  • 8 – 3 gallon Hughes Junipers
  • 4 – Maiden grass
  • 35 – 1 gallon assorted perrenials
  • 29 – 4-5 ft. Emerald Green Arbroviteas
  • 5 – Limelight Hydrangea
  • 8 – Fire Nandina red
  • 4 – Dwarf Mugo Pines
  • 1 – Globosa Spruce
  • 17 – Red Knockout Roses
  • 15 – yards of mulch
  • 9 – tons of stone for highlights

Materials Used: Landscape Lighting

  • 5 – Coastal Source MR-II LED spotlights 
  • 8 – Coastal Source small China hat LED path lights
  • 1 – Coastal Source transformer and digital timer

Baseball Field Design & Construction in Freehold, NJ


Our clients needed reliable a practice field for their child’s little league baseball team. With an ample side yard they decided to build instead of looking for a local field that was properly maintained and available when their team needed it.

Project Information

Estimated Project Cost (2017): ± $35,000 

Estimated Project Duration: 3 days total

Project Location: Freehold NJ

Completion Date: 09/17/2017

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The Solution

With an abundance of land on the side of their property our lead designer and resident baseball fanatic went to work. He designed, laid out, and helped build a regulation size little league infield. To help protect the house a removable baseball netting system was devised to be used when the kids are on the field.

Materials Used

  • 8,200 sq. ft. of sod.
  • 45 tons of recreational grade infield mix (70-75% sand, 25-30% silt/clay)
  • 175 ln. ft. of pipe and 17 tons of clean blue stone for drainage

Multilevel Block Retaining Wall Marlboro, NJ


The original wooden railroad tie retaining wall was in disrepair. Our client’s property is located in a very hilly neighborhood with extreme grade changes in the front of the house. The old wooden retaining wall was falling apart and needed replacing.

Project Information

Estimated Project Cost (2017): ± $25,000 

Estimated Project Duration: 5 days total

Project Location: Marlboro NJ

Completion Date: 09/16/2017

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The Solution

Replace the single railroad tie retaining wall a multilevel block retaining wall design. Each of the retaining walls are 36″ high covering the same length as the original. In between the wall there is landscape bed suitable for plants or grass. Drainage was built into both walls running on the far corner of the property to help ensure the longevity of the wall and keep drainage issues to a minimum. Much of the original landscape features were retained with minimal replanting needed. 

Materials Used

  • 600 sq. ft. (total for both walls) of Techo-Bloc Suprema wall stone.
  • 143 ln. ft. (total for both walls) of Techo-Bloc  wall caps
  • 200 ln. ft. of pipe for drainage
  • 75 tons of clean stone

Custom Paver Driveway in Toms River, NJ – Part 2

Our clients in Toms River, NJ saw their new custom designed paver driveway completed. Thanks to the new UniLyft Paver Placer the crew was able to get the driveway done in half the time it would take without it. Laying down a total of 6,000 square feet of Techo-Bloc 600 mm x 600 mm , 100 mm thick Techo-Bloc Shell Grey Industria pavers in just a few days. Next week we should have some photos of the completed patio area and front steps. Thanks goes out to Ryan Ravalli from Techo-Bloc for the aerial shots.Read More

Pool Deck Pool Coping & Landscape Design

Pool Coping & Deck in Manalapan Completed!

Last week we finished up our customers new pool deck and pool coping in Manalapan, NJ.

Along with the pool deck and pool coping we installed a sitting wall by the pool. The landscaping around the pool was designed to tie in the new pool area with the look and feel of the rest of the outdoor living space. The new pool deck and coping transformed the pool into an extension of the outdoor living space.
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Driveway & Steps in Toms River, NJ – Part 1

All hands are on deck in Toms River, NJ. Our latest client in Ocean County New Jersey is doing a major overhaul of their property. The site has been prepped and installation of the Techo-Bloc Industria border pavers for the driveway is progressing nicely. There is a ton of work to do before the debut of our new secret weapon and the work on the steps and pillars can begin.

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Pool Coping Install In Manalapan, NJ

Last week we started work on our clients pool in Manalapan, NJ. We ripped out the old natural stone pool coping and replaced it with Techo-Bloc’s Travertina coping. There is still a ton of work to do as we attach the current patio and walkway to the pool deck. We also have other decorative and functional touches being added to the area. More to come!

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Pool Deck & Coping Refresh in Manlapan, NJ

We were out in Manalapan, NJ last week replacing the quartz pool deck and cleaning up the quartz
pool coping for one of our clients. The crew removed the old quartz pool decking, pool coping,
and cut out the original concrete base. The decking is being replaced with gray quartz before
cleaning up and reinstalling the pool coping.