Our clients needed reliable a practice field for their child’s little league baseball team. With an ample side yard they decided to build instead of looking for a local field that was properly maintained and available when their team needed it.

Project Information

Estimated Project Cost (2017): ± $35,000 

Estimated Project Duration: 3 days total

Project Location: Freehold NJ

Completion Date: 09/17/2017

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The Solution

With an abundance of land on the side of their property our lead designer and resident baseball fanatic went to work. He designed, laid out, and helped build a regulation size little league infield. To help protect the house a removable baseball netting system was devised to be used when the kids are on the field.

Materials Used

  • 8,200 sq. ft. of sod.
  • 45 tons of recreational grade infield mix (70-75% sand, 25-30% silt/clay)
  • 175 ln. ft. of pipe and 17 tons of clean blue stone for drainage