The original wooden railroad tie retaining wall was in disrepair. Our client’s property is located in a very hilly neighborhood with extreme grade changes in the front of the house. The old wooden retaining wall was falling apart and needed replacing.

Project Information

Estimated Project Cost (2017): ± $25,000 

Estimated Project Duration: 5 days total

Project Location: Marlboro NJ

Completion Date: 09/16/2017

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The Solution

Replace the single railroad tie retaining wall a multilevel block retaining wall design. Each of the retaining walls are 36″ high covering the same length as the original. In between the wall there is landscape bed suitable for plants or grass. Drainage was built into both walls running on the far corner of the property to help ensure the longevity of the wall and keep drainage issues to a minimum. Much of the original landscape features were retained with minimal replanting needed. 

Materials Used

  • 600 sq. ft. (total for both walls) of Techo-Bloc Suprema wall stone.
  • 143 ln. ft. (total for both walls) of Techo-Bloc  wall caps
  • 200 ln. ft. of pipe for drainage
  • 75 tons of clean stone